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Sara Andrews


Meet Sara Andrews, Founder and CEO of Bumbleroot, a Montana based company advocating for a regenerative food system. Within minutes of meeting Sara her knowledge of agriculture, and passion for improving the supply chains which feed our food, is palpable.


The granddaughter of Montana ranchers, Sara embodies the spirit and ethos of rural entrepreneurship. Through Bumbleroot, her vision is to support local communities, lands and soils through practices that benefit the whole lifecycle of consumption: roots to table!


The Company’s origins go back to Zimbabwe, where Sara was living while working with the NGO Technoserve. There she was introduced to the virtues of the Baobab tree, native to Madagascar and parts of Africa and Australia. Known for its resilience, longevity and natural health benefits, the tree is revered in its native geographies.


These ancient giants, the oldest of which are up to 2,500 years old (!!), are nicknamed ‘tree of life.’ And it’s no wonder since the Baobab supports an ecosystem that ranges from elephants (they need the water in the bark), to creatures seeking shelter from the Savannah’s harsh elements, to nutrients giving back to the soil, and pollination for birds and bats from the tree’s nutritious fruit. 


Locals have long understood the Baobab’s incredible health properties, and in recent years that’s spread globally. From vitamins and minerals to antioxidants, fiber and prebiotics, the tree’s seeds, made into powder, are all around good for you!


Enter Sara and Bumbleroot’s journey to developing a holistic business model. Her philosophy is that food grown with nature, instead of against it, is better for people, profit and planet. By promoting healthier soils biodiversity thrives, carbon is sequestered and more nutrient dense ingredients are produced for consumption.


It was this combination of regenerative properties that led to Bumbleroot’s first product line: healthy hydration drink mixes. Supply chain aside, Bumbleroot has a giving policy that reinvests 2% of revenue in supplying communities and conservation projects. This includes planting new Baobab trees, which take 80 years to develop seeds. Bumbleroot is also in the process of transitioning to a Benefit Corporation and, importantly, Sara’s made a conscious decision to keep the drink in powder mix form to avoid using plastic bottles. So, BYOB (bottle) and save the waste!


Stay tuned for a launch this summer of Bumbleroot’s new sourdough bread kit and regenerative meat snacks, harkening back to Sara’s Montana roots. The new products integrate local beef and wheat suppliers pledging sustainable practices, all right here in Big Sky country.

To locals supporting locals, driving impact and sustainable practices. Thanks, Bumbleroot!

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