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Ground In Common is a Social Impact Enterprise. We are building a storytelling platform that highlights solution-based approaches to social and environmental issues in the critical Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.


Since 2004 more then 2,000 American newspapers have gone out of business due to competition from the internet, diminished advertising budgets and other pressures. As news deserts emerge in urban and rural areas alike, it’s increasingly clear that when local news fails, misinformation fills the void, citizens lack information to make good decisions and democratic institutions are weakened.


Though not a replacement for a local paper, Ground In Common seeks to raise awareness and delve into the deeper tissue issues facing this unique ecosystem, inspiring action though positive examples.   


As we grow beyond a blog to engaging local writers, photojournalist and filmmakers, Ground in Common is exploring sponsorships with mission-aligned businesses, building a membership model and accepting financial contributions. 


Individuals can support our work by making a financial gift of any amount, either as a one-off contribution or as a regular monthly giver. In return we will invest every penny into the mission, employing local creatives to develop a narrative grounded in inclusivity and solutions.   

With Thanks to our Growing List of Mission-Driven Sponsors

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